Senator Glenn S. Anderson

Wayne County: Garden City, Livonia, Redford Township, Westland

Anderson Blasts Continued Attacks on Educators, Demands Senate Republicans Stop Undermining the Democratic Process

Under legislation passed today by Senate Republicans, teachers lose, local control is further eroded and Michigan voters will have no say in the process

LANSING – Senator Glenn S. Anderson called out Senate Republicans for passing legislation today restricting the voice of teachers. House Bill 4929 continues a frightening trend of attacking public educators, diminishing their value as professionals and eroding their dignity. Further, the bill is yet another in a long line passed this session intended to limit local control over bargaining agreements.

“In this bill we see further restrictions on workers' rights, continued degradation of our public educators and greater limitations on local control – all components that seem to be requirements of any legislation enacted by our Governor and the majority party this session,” said Anderson. “Even worse, Senate Republicans inserted last minute language to make this legislation referendum proof, thus preventing citizens from reversing this action and completely subverting the democratic process.”

The Senate Reforms, Restructuring and Reinvention Committee adopted substitute language when passing the bill in committee earlier this morning to appropriate a small sum of money, thus preventing Michigan voters from ever repealing the law. This arcane and underhanded procedural move has been practiced with increasing frequency this legislative session when unpopular bills are passed. Especially alarming in this instance is that the bill itself can be seen as partisan retribution for the recall of a Republican legislator last November.

“Michigan residents should be alarmed – their legislators pass bills that they know will be unpopular, yet leave Michiganders with few options to repeal or change the law in the future,” said Anderson. “Then, when Michiganders speak out and recall one of the loudest voices against teachers – the majority party passes legislation that is clearly intended as partisan based payback.

Senator Anderson has begun work on legislation that would prohibit the use of appropriations in policy items as a tactic to subvert the Democratic process.